August 10, 2022

Jeppson plans donation of quilt made by class to local women’s shelter

This archived article was written by: Nick Critchlow

In honor of women’s history, the new adjunct history professor Mellisa Jeppson had her class create and donate a quilt for the local women’s shelter in Helper.
Jeppson is the main history adjunct professor this term at CEU. “For me it was a last minute thing, so I thought maybe I’ll check into that,” says Jeppson.
“I wanted to do this class because I had a women’s history class in college and really enjoyed it.”
The class is titled “Women in America, History 2800” where the idea is to look at American history from a woman’s perspective.
The textbook for the class is “Through Women’s Eyes” which gives well-written detailed accounts and visuals of women throughout American history.
The students in the class are Lyndsie Davis, Carlie Golden, Gail Harding, Chantelle Jensen, Nickole Larsen, Leslie McBride, Todd Marvidakis, Jilynn Sommerville, Kylee Shumway and Kecia Vigil.
Jeppson came up with the idea of doing a quilting project when they where studying the history of quilting.
In colonial times it was something all women did. It showed how it linked white women and black women and also how it linked women in general.
The class talked about whether they should write a paper about quilting or make a quilt.
The quilt block is made with events that the girls found to be important in their lives. They wondered whether they should do a traditional quilt with geometric designs or a quilt that tells a story. The batting for the quilt has been donated by Mrs. Guppy’s Fabric and Crafts.
Student Kylee Shumway says “The class and project was great, even though it seemed like no one knew what they where doing.”

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