July 25, 2024

Letter to the editor

This archived article was written by: John Emett

I have been distraught lately at the bookstore’s attempt to reduce their price of bags to give away to their customers. Apparently, they have made a contract with a marketing agency to allow them to insert pamphlets of advertisement in the bags that contain the item you buy. Unfortunately the pamphlets, which contain lewd and graphic pictures of models in bikinis taking their tops off, act as pornographic teasers, enticing consumers to explore other modes of pornography. Think about it. How many students at CEU are really interested in buying subscriptions to magazines? I am not a marketing major, but I have a hard time thinking of students as primary targets to try and get them to subscribe to magazines. On the other hand, how many students are vulnerable to becoming addicted to pornography in their first two years of college? I think pornography marketers have keyed in on the later question and are targeting you and I, hoping we will take the bait. Bookstore, all I ask is that you tell whoever you made your deal with, that you are more interested in the well being of your costumers, than saving a few bucks. If you ask me, I don’t think a bag is all that important anyway.
Respectfully yours,
John Emett