August 10, 2022

Library corner

This archived article was written by: Lori Brassaw

The CEU Library provides students, faculty, staff and community patrons access to thousands of books, periodicals, electronic resources and many audio/visual materials to assist them in their studies and aid them in personal research and learning pursuits.
In addition, the library offers many other services for library users that many patrons may be unaware of. For instance, the library has five private study rooms for students and all patrons to check out and use while at the library. Private study rooms allow several people to work together and talk above a whisper on projects without disturbing others. Two of the study rooms hold a television and VHS/DVD machines for use in the library.
The library circulates three laptop computers. The laptop computers check out for three days. The sign-up sheet to use the laptop computers is located at the front main circulation desk.
Also at the front main circulation desk, the library has available the use of a fax machine for patrons who need to send or receive communication via fax. There is a minimal charge of $1 for each fax sent and received. At the front desk, it is also possible to have valuable papers laminated for a minimal charge.
The library owns and maintains two photocopy machines which are available for all library patrons to use. All photocopies and computer printouts at the library cost 10 cents per page.
The library also owns and maintains a microfilm/microfiche machine. This machine allows the user to search and read old newspapers and several other periodicals via a film based format. We have newspapers that date back several decades.
We invite you to visit the library and take advantage of all the resources available to you while you are at CEU.

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