May 18, 2022

Broadhead’s kindness to others

This archived article was written by: Kimberly Emett

Sandy City sent one of their finest, Sydney Broadhead, to the College of Eastern Utah. The elementary education major decided to come to Price because of an impressive tour which instilled a love for this college.
Service has always blessed her life through the kindness of others. Those that have served her, have helped Broadhead feel loved and important. Since she has felt of that goodness, she wants other people to benefit from it as well. Being involved is so important in Broadhead’s life. Currently, she is working with ASCEU on the residential life chair as the student representative. Any suggestions that students give her, she does her best to make happen. They says she is a wonderful advocate and served the student body well.
Broadhead is also one of our service leaders this year over the Golden Rule Mission. The Mission is a homeless shelter in Helper, Utah, designed to help those who have been caught in life’s unfortunate circumstances, a chance to get back on their feet. Their time spent at the Mission is limited, so the people at the mission are truly in need and do not become fully dependent on it. It is not a free ride for them.
They either work in the store, around the shelter or are looking for work. Because of her optimistic charisma and willingness to serve, she has become a blessing to many. Her desire to be a leader would help her, “take more time to think of others instead of just caring for myself because in college the focus seems to be on you.”
By being the leader over the Mission, Broadhead offers time and recruits others to feed dinner to the homeless twice a month, which is an increase from last year. This service benefits more than just the individual’s eating. It is humbling for the volunteers to see how blessed they are to not have to worry about where their next meal will come from. By the volunteers cooking the meal, it provides a much needed break to the Mission’s cook who prepares every meal every day. It is a wonderful service that Broadhead provides to everyone involved and wanted to involve.
Kathy Murray, director of the SUN Center, mentions, “Sydney is remarkable. Not only is she a member of ASCEU, but gives of her time by being a part of the SUN Center. She’s doubled the meals given to the Mission each month. Sydney always serves with a happy attitude. She’s amazing!”
Although Broadhead keeps very busy, she is always so vibrant and cheerful. Anyone that knows her can attest that as you talk to her, she treats you with respect and like you are the most important thing in the world. One of her many admirable qualities includes giving everybody a fair chance. She does not judge people by other’s comments and looks for positive qualities in all she comes across. As a matter Broadhead truly is a bless

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