June 13, 2024

Library weekend supervisor named


This archived article was written by: Maria Ure

A new face has been observed amidst all the books and especially the serials in the campus library this year. As the new weekend supervisor and serial advisor, Denise Reid has her work cut out for her. Though most of the students wouldn’t recognize her, for many of the alumni and staff, Reid’s face isn’t new, but welcomed just the same. Growing up in Orangeville and attending CEU, she received an associate’s degree in liberal arts in 2001. Since graduation she traveled around, she even lived in Phoenix for six months and just returned to Price and began working at the library last spring stating, “I never realized how much I really like this place.”
During her education at CEU, she worked at the library from 1999-2000. In her return to working at the library Reid has recognized a few changes, not only in staff with the new addition of Lori Brassaw, but she says that the collections have expanded, specifically with the addition of the DVDs which weren’t there while she was attending. Reid believes this change, “brings a lot of people in,” and also “diversifies,” the students that do come into the library.
Some of her responsibilities and duties as weekend supervisor and serial advisor include coming in on the weekends and opening the library as well as organizing and updating journals and magazines.
While her favorite part of her new job is the opportunity to work with the rest of the great library staff and meeting the students, she says that being in the library organizing periodicals allows her to “discover things in the bound area that I never would have otherwise.”
One change she would like to see is an increase in the number of students that enter into the world of knowledge and power. She invites all students to “come in and check out what’s new,” and promises that there’s “something for everyone – studying or leisure.” And apparently the options are endless because when asked what her all time favorite book was, she could only reply, “I think I’ll have to get back to you.”