May 18, 2022

New academic adviser enjoys helping students


This archived article was written by: Benjamin Walden

The words, “This class isn’t good for me at all, this class doesn’t fit my schedule and this class is just too hard for how many credit hours I have taken,” may have came out of your mouth in the past two weeks as you are seeing what classes you do and do not want. Did you ever stop to think about who is behind the scenes creating this perfect schedule, and helping you with all of your schooling problems? Kelli Shaw is one of those people.
Shaw was named the academic advisor at CEU recently and started her new job in this spring semester.
Born in Salt Lake City, she had moved to the Portland, Ore., area, and lived there during her childhood. When Shaw was 18, she moved to Southern California and lived there until a window of opportunity opened for her.
In 1999, Shaw’s mother moved to Price. She had bought one lot which had two houses on the property. Later in the year, Shaw’s mother got a job working at College of Eastern Utah. Seeing the opportunity of free housing and free tuition, Shaw moved to Price to attend CEU and earn her education. She graduated in the spring of ’03 and moved to Southern Utah University to complete her education.
Two weeks ago is when Shaw started her new job at CEU. She is helping students not just with adding and dropping classes, but also helping students by giving correct solutions to problems and sending them to the right departments.
She also teaches a college success skills class that teaches people how to take tests, deal with stress, and a multitude of other things in which students can use to help. She also helps with the student success workshops that are held weekly by the academic advising department.
She states, “If there is any problems, talk to us so that we can solve the problems or refer what problems you do have to someone who can help you.”
Shaw is also an experienced advisor as far as helping out with life issues, because of the things in which she has been through. Recently she has lost almost everything that she owned when her house burned to the ground. Against all odds, she pursued life with determination and help from her husband who she married in September 2005. She is looking to put her material life back together, buy a house and still has a smile on her face as you talk to her about what class you are having problems with.
To all of the students that are attending CEU she states, “Have fun, get involved whether it’s in activities with ASCEU, getting in a club or going to dances, get involved!
To all of the students that are leaving CEU to either pursue a job or to get further education she states, “check back with us with your stories of success e-mail us, anything; we want to see what you’re up to.”

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