May 22, 2022

SSS meets objectives of grant

College of Eastern Utah’s Student Support Services (SSS) on the Price campus has met all of the objectives for its grant for the 2004-2005 academic year, said Brad Watson, director of the program.
According to Watson, each November/December, CEU is required to submit an annual performance report to the U.S. Department of Education reporting on the objectives that are a part of the grant and detailing the services CEU provided to students who are a part of the SSS program.
Watson listed some of the objectives CEU served 164 students during the 2004-2005 YEAR. They identified 118 of the 164 students (72 percent) being both first-generation college students and low-income students.
In the retention category, 81 participants entered the SSS program during this academic year, and 61 of the entering participants or 75 percent were retained in the SSS program and registered for classes fall semester.
In the tutoring category, 46 students received consistent one-to-one tutoring and completed the class with 38 students or 82 percent earning a C- grade or better in their class.
In the graduation category, 28 SSS participants had 75-credit hours or more during this program year, and 22 SSS participants or 79 percent graduated or completed a certificate program from CEU.
Other accolades Watson acknowledges was the peer tutoring. Student tutors were paid 1,099 hours for their work in program. SSS staff members spent 16,664 hours in academic advising, 975 hours in career counseling, 397 hours in transfer advising, and made five campus visits were made to four-year colleges and universities to help SSS students transfer successfully.

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