April 17, 2024


Dear Editor,

This archived article was written by: Robert Hanson

Dear Editor,
I am a resident of the Burtenshaw Resident Hall, and am writing on behalf of myself and several other students who have been forced to move around the dorm spring semester. There were, I think, four suites in Burtenshaw that had two residents living in each suite this semester because so many students left the dorms after fall semester. I was told that I needed to meet with my R.A.s and talk about my options, because apparently living two in a suite is against school policy. They rationalize this by saying that they need some suites left open for dorm renovations. I feel that during the semester is a time when the students of this school and their comfort should be the first priority, after all, we are paying good money to be here.
We met with the R.A.s and Sharon Jones and we proposed an offer to have a couple of friends move into our suite, vacating theirs. They did not accept our offer and didn’t give us any options, just told us we needed to move downstairs. A little later my suite “mate” and I where forced to check out of our rooms that we had taken special care to keep clean, and check into a suite downstairs that had been trashed.
On a side note, my former roommate moved out of the dorms and I was told that since he had moved already, I would have to pay $200 for my own room or move in with someone else. I chose my own room. I spent one night in this suite, the worst night I have had in the dorms, between the television and stereo going nonstop next door, the blow-up doll shaped as a sheep wearing a tiara in the vanity area, the baseball team running around overhead all night long, and the numerous broken objects, it was just not a place in which I cared to live.
So we once again went to the R.A.’s, who were extremely good to us, thank you Melissa, and they took the matter back to Jones, and eventually up a notch to Luz Flores. The efforts paid off, at least for us, as we where granted our original idea of having the two friends move into our upstairs suite, which meant lugging all of our stuff back up the stairs and into our clean suite. What a relief to have this musical chairs of dorm rooms over. Although now I am back in the room I shared before all these events happened and would not have had to pay the single room fee if I would have not been forced to move. Now I am stuck with a deceitful $200 charge to save myself another move back downstairs.
Although for the residents downstairs that we were forced to move in with for a night, are still discussing their options and will eventually be forced to move out of their settled suite, because only the two of them had been placed in that suite at the semesters beginning. In conclusion, I came to CEU so that I can get a degree, but with the discussing of options and constant hauling all my belongings up and down stairs, I haven’t yet been able to commit my full attention to my studies.
Robert Hanson