July 25, 2024

Where’s all the hype

This archived article was written by: Nate Davis

I hate to say it, but this year’s Super Bowl match up of the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers lacks excitement. Sorry Seahawks and Steelers fans but, this season’s game, doesn’t have the heated build up of year’s past, with no big stories to report on. No hated rivals, no questions of whether a star player will be healthy enough to play. So far the most interesting article I”ve read on the Super Bowl was by espn.com writer Brian Murphy. His creative angle (which I don’t think has been covered enough,) points out that ” … Roethlisberger-Hasselbeck QB showdown is by far … the longest-lettered QB combination in two scores” worth of Super Bowls.” The biggest story this year’s Super Bowl has to offer, is that of Jerome Bettis a half decent running back who is past his prime, is playing in his first and most likely last Super Bowl. Bettis, has never led the league in rushing, and has not had any major impact on his team’s post season run.
The big game, lacks the hype that preceded last year’s game. Last season you could hardly open a sports page without being bombarded, with stories about whether you could call Tom Brady and the New England Patriots a dynasty, or would professional crybaby Terrell Owens be healthy enough to play in the Super Bowl. Now the biggest story is Bettis, who hasn’t broke the 1,000 – yard rushing mark for five years, playing in his first championship game.
This year we are stuck, with two teams with no major stars, none of the players on either team are obvious picks for the Hall of Fame, Ben Roethlisberger, has shown the potential for the hall, but in only his second season, it is two early to tell. There’s not even any players who we can look forward to their game day antics, no T.O. or Chad Johnson touchdown celebrations that push the boundaries. There are not even any tear jerking stories of a player who overcame overwhelming odds to make it to the professional level.
I never thought that I would write this but, I agree with ESPN analyst Skip Blayless when he said I miss T.O. At least we still have the commercials to look forward to.