September 25, 2023

ASCEU president-elect hopes for fame


This archived article was written by: Maria Ure

CEU looks forward to a new student body president for next year, as Colby Majors steps up to the challenge. Coming from Huntington, he feels he is ready for the experience and hopes he can do some good during his third year at CEU. Majors decided to run for the position wanting to “be involved with the students- in all aspects- not just activities, but everything.” He comments that the hardest part about the election was the campaigning and trying different methods of getting his name out there for people to remember. But as the names were announced and “Colby Majors” was unveiled, he asked himself, is that my name,’ and all the hard work and effort put into the campaign was worth it.
For next year he hopes to do something that is really needed, something “productive.” One of the items on the new board’s agenda is getting CEU more commonly known, with one set logo. Another of Majors’ plans for next year is to work on a community recreational center. This project was inspired by Westminster College. He is an advocate of this claiming that it is important to “involve the community,” as we are a community college. By so doing Majors believes that it will bring more people in, not only those from the community, but outsiders as well.
Majors feels that he has had some challenges of the past that will help him in his future responsibilities. Home and family experiences have helped him grow and taught him a lot of patience. Also serving a mission to Venezuela has helped him adapt and appreciate change.
Anticipated challenges include being disliked. He doesn’t want “people to hate me for a decision that I make … a good decision.” But he understands that these obstacles will help him grow and build a defense.
When asked about the other members of the executive board, he says that they all come from different backgrounds, which will enable them to help each other grow and learn. Members of the board all have different personalities, yet all are loyal and trustworthy, and willing to get a job done.

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