July 25, 2024

Restated traffic and parking policy leads to the decline of violations

This archived article was written by: Chase d’Ambrosio

The College of Eastern Utah has been plagued for years with problems pertaining to the safety of its students and faculty due to the excessive traffic taking place on campus.
Although many minor infractions have been reported no serious incidents have yet taken place this year. There are multiple factors that can explain the decrease in traffic and parking violations; however the newly rewritten traffic and parking policy plays a major role in the decrease.
Young adults breaking traffic and parking regulations on a college campus is almost always going to be guaranteed. Whether it is the lack of respect for their institution, good old fashioned laziness, or they are caught up in a rush because they are late to class, students will dishonor the privileges given to them. This is why CEU has restated its traffic and parking policy, in hopes to make the campus a much safer and more enjoyable atmosphere for those who spend time here.
Dr. Mike King, academic vice president said, many physical changes have also been made to the campus to help regulate traffic safety such as eradicating the parking stalls located behind the BDAC and cosmetology department, as well as reposting all warning signs to allow all of the students and faculty to clearly see what was classified as a violation.
Before the new policy was enforced the CEU campus was saturated with warning signs to inform students and faculty of violations said Officer Prettyman of the CEU Police Department. Instead of the student receiving a citation for their violation they would receive a warning. The campus police department began enforcing the policy when repeat offenses occurred and they felt as if everyone was aware of what was prohibited.
The newly revised copy of the traffic and parking policy states five main purposes in which it hopes to carry out. The new policies are to regulate the flow of traffic on the CEU campus, manage access for the most efficient use of limited parking spaces, ensure access for emergency equipment at all times, promote safety of all campus patrons, and to comply with federal and state regulations.
The parking regulations declared in the policy state that the parking of vehicles is that of a first come first served basis and that each driver is responsible for parking correctly on campus. Although many people think that every person entering the campus should be provided with a parking stall it is stated in the policy that the college is not obligated to provide parking for all vehicles entering campus. Requests for parking exceptions must be authorized by the parking committee and will be based on the scope of recourses and available sites. Authorized short-term parking permits are available for vendors, deliveries, service vehicles, special programs and events, cosmetology patrons (permits for cosmetology clients can be received by the receptionist in the cosmetology department and must be visible from the front of the vehicle), handicapped parking and ADA parking for CEU employees and students.
Parking violations some of which are listed in the policy listed as unlawful parking in a handicap stall, blocking or parking in the roadway, parking in a No Parking zone, parking in a fire lane or red zone, blocking a fire hydrant, parking on sidewalk, taking two or more stalls, failure to obey a traffic control device, abandoned vehicles, use of fraudulent permits and parking without a proper permit are enforced with fines. The fines vary from $100 for serious offences such as parking with a fraudulent permit, to $25 for less severe infractions such as parking on the sidewalk. Any fines given for a violation must be paid within seven calendar days. On the eighth day the citation becomes delinquent and the fine doubles. After twenty two days of delinquency, a hold will be placed on the student s records, graduation, diplomas, etc., and will be given to Small Claims Court. Any fines that a student receives on CEU campus can be paid in person at the cashier s office in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center.
Regulating parking was not the only reason that the policy was created; it also regulates traffic on and around campus. The large sidewalks located on the interior of the campus are strictly regulated to only emerg-ency vehicles, physical plant related service and maintenance vehicles by permit with time restrictions, and by vehicles used for delivery purposes where other delivery options are not readily available. The large sidewalks that meander throughout the campus supply emergency vehicles access to every building within CEU in case of a fire or any other serious emergencies.
The rewritten parking and traffic policy was designed to provide for the orderly and safe use of limited parking for the benefit of the students, faculty staff and patrons of the college, and so far it has been doing what it was created for. The previous policy stated all of the same information but was revised to make it easier for students to understand. It is also encouraged in the policy that if any students or faculty have a genuine complaint regarding a citation, that they should present their problem to the committee. This allows for anyone who feels as if they have not committed the violation that they are being prosecuted for to be treated fairly and will also help alleviate any potential problems. The new policy has not yet been approved, but definitely has the means for a bright and more easily understood future.