January 27, 2023

Visit the “library” inside the library, but don’t take anything

This archived article was written by: Lori Brassaw

The CEU Library has several thousands of books, journals and many other scholarly and popular resources for students to access information. One especially great area of the library that may assist students when it comes time to write a research paper is the reference area. Our reference collection is a library within the library, giving concise authoritative information on thousands of subjects, people, places, events and things. It is located on the west side of the library’s main floor. Books in this area do not leave the library; instead they remain on the premises permanently for use by all library users whenever the library is open.
The reference area specializes in both general and specialized encyclopedias as well as atlases, almanacs and dictionaries and thesauri. Here are a few titles from the reference collection: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America
The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics: A Ready-Reference Book of Chemical and Physical Data, Dictionary of Concepts in Physical Anthropology, Criminal Justice History, Fundamentals of Electricity and Automotive Electrical Systems, The Real ACT Prep Guide: The Only Official Prep Guide from the Makers of the ACT, Clinical Calculations for Nurses: with Basic Mathematics Review, Encyclopedia of Gothic Literature, Color Atlas of Anatomy: A Photographic Study of the Human Body, The Last Rain Forests: A World Conservation Atlas
If none of those titles caught your eye, plan a visit to the library and check out the reference area for yourself. I am sure you will be delighted and surprised by the many great offerings available in the reference area as well as throughout the entire library.

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