July 21, 2024

Are we generation anti-think

This archived article was written by: Austin Palmer

When we were younger, we were told by our parents that just because someone (usually a friend they did not like us having) was doing something, it didn’t mean we had to follow their example. We all probably heard the whole, “If Jimmy jumped off a cliff, would you?” speech. The answer to the question always appeared to be obvious when it was asked. It still seems to be a straight forward question with an obvious answer, but we must not understand the moral. Either that, or we’re stupid. Our parents were trying to get us to make decisions on our own without following the crowd. In a country that promotes free thought, most of us are jumping off the cliff after Jimmy.
We are supposed to be innovative thinkers but instead of being over achievers, we’ve turned into under achievers and over eaters. Translation: instead of thinking for ourselves or taking the time to become informed on important topics, we adopt ideas that aren’t our own. We’re becoming so lazy we can’t even form opinions for ourselves. Our opinions and views are the opinions and views of celebrities, politicians and the media in general.
Another problem is our apparent dislike of offending others or appearing to be judgmental. Nobody wants to be the bad guy. Tolerance has replaced virtue and acceptance will soon follow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about homosexuality, abortion or any other controversial issue; the implications are clear. People would like you to believe that we are witnessing progression and that progress and innovation are always good things. They’re not if you have to compromise what’s right. Yes, there is a right and a wrong.
The recent elections (I hate to even bring up the issue since it has been all over the papers, TV, Internet, radio … ) are a perfect example of how the media can dictate national policy. I’m not affiliated with any political party and I’m not a Bush lover or hater, but one thing I do love is the truth and we aren’t getting it. If it appears that a new policy isn’t working or everything isn’t going exactly as planned, we automatically jump on the bandwagon trying to lynch the people involved. I will be the first to admit that we need to make judgments based on the limited information we have, but we always need to consider the source of the information and ask ourselves what that source’s agenda is. Everyone has an agenda. Don’t be too quick to react to something or create an opinion without having all of the facts.
The funny thing about writing this is I know it won’t do any good. Our country isn’t going to start changing for the better. Liberal views will eventually dominate conservative views. If you want to legalize marijuana and other drugs, encourage homosexual marriage, abortion and stem cell research, just bide your time and they will be realities before you know it. In the meantime, those who are in a position to stop the herd of sheep from plunging off the cliff won’t do anything about it.