April 17, 2024

My sister honestly brings out the fear of deity in me

One of my favorite stories to tell is one starring my sister when she about beat me and my best friend for leaving her at the club.

This archived article was written by: Leland Lobato

One of my favorite stories to tell is one starring my sister when she about beat me and my best friend for leaving her at the club.
I was staying at my sister’s house a few years ago when she lived in Salt Lake City. One night she and a few of her friends made plans to go to a club. I was with my best friend that lived there also and we were trying to decide what to do for the night. My sister said that if we felt like it, we should go to the club, find her and her friends, do some dancing and have a few drinks. As it turns out, we had a rather large gap in our schedule so we lingered around for a while after they left, ran a few errands and went to the club where they said they would be.
Upon arriving, we found them, danced, had a few drinks and did the club thing. I even saved my sister from an ugly Jamaican-looking fellow that was trying to hit on her. Of course I waited a few minutes before I did, as I needed commit the scene to memory so I could laugh about it later.
The night went on, we all got separated due to the immense amount of people packed in that place. I found my friend somehow and decided to meet some people we were supposed to hang out with. We told one of my sister’s friends we were leaving and left. At the time we left, all was well, everybody seemed to be having fun and the ugly man had stopped hitting on my sister. So we left all three carloads of them there with plenty of people who could give each other a ride home if they needed it.
Several hours later my friend and I made our way back to my sister’s place to have a few drinks and wait for some ladies we encountered to call. We are there relaxing, talking, laughing and such when we hear the door open. We look up and it is my sister looking like something out of a horror movie attacked her, but she somehow ended up kicking its ass.
She walks toward us slowly, intently with her fingers curled up into claws. I am willing to admit that I was a little scared at the time, especially when she uttered in an almost demonic voice “you left me.” At this point, both of us were standing up. My sister came closer and started laying in to us verbally and all of a sudden sprung at us in attack formation. My friend took off with a quickness usually reserved for evading incarceration. It did him no good for my sister had removed her shoe and hurled it at him with deadly accuracy rendering him temporarily immobile.
Witnessing this event take place, all I can remember thinking is “oh my God, that looked like it hurt.” Then she turned towards me with a not so friendly look in her eyes and began to slowly advance. Unfortunately I was in a corner with my back to a wall and no place to go. I tried to talk to her, which only seemed to anger her more. With almost animal-like speed, she removed her other shoe and hurled it at me quite forcefully. Motivated by the image of my friend in so much pain from the shoe that hit him I, in a very cool and matrixesque manner, avoided the shoe that was hurled at me which struck the wall, leaving a large dent.
At this point my friend got up and quickly limped toward the bathroom, being pursued enthusiastically by my sister into the bathroom. Foolishly thinking I had a chance to escape I started toward the door, put my hand on the doorknob when I heard in my sister in her most menacing voice, “where do you think you’re going?”
With her attention on me, my friend escaped out the back door. Fortunately at this point, my sister had got most of the aggression out of her system and I was able to talk to her and calm her down. My friend called me the next day to make sure I was okay.
During my recent trip to Las Vegas to visit this same sister, she pointed out to me that most of my friends think she is some kind of mean old witchy-type woman due to my telling of the preceding story and a few others of a similar nature. I realized that she is completely correct in that assessment. I tell my friends these stories, we laugh and they are left with an image of my sister as some mean, rogue assassin-type lady. That is seriously wrong.
So in the spirit of Christmas, apology, self indulgence and the need to put out a newspaper, I would like to atone for my transgression and unintentional tarnishing of my sister’s image. To that end I would like to let her, CEU and the rest of the world know how wonderful I think my sister is.
My sister’s name is Loretta and she is wonderful. Over the years, even though she messed with me a lot as older siblings do, she has gone out of her way to help me and take care of me. My sister is often selfless and brave. There have been situations where she is the only one who dared to act. She has endured more than her fair share of hardship only to come out a strong and courageous woman.
When my father and I got in a severe car accident a couple years ago, leaving the both of us incapacitated for a time, she came to see us at a moment’s notice. Since then when my father has had deteriorating health and needed to go through many surgeries, my sister has quite often come out here from Las Vegas to help take care of him until he was able to take care of himself again. Doing so with no thought of what she had to sacrifice and when she really could not afford to.
My sister is one of the most thoughtful individuals I have ever encountered, always being considerate of her family and friends. She is charming and commands respect of those who know her. She is intelligent, funny and skilled in many areas, both domestic and professional. Also she is a great mother to her children.
The truth is there is not enough space in a mere article to convey all of my sister’s great qualities. I could go on and on filling up enough space to end up with a novel. In my telling of the funny things she has done that come across as mean, I forget to relay the caring and lovable side of her. For that I apologize to her and to the people I have told these stories to for leaving a wrong impression of an incredible person. Anybody that would put up with me as a brother would have to be incredible. Too often I do not give her the credit she deserves.
I have noticed recently many stories about people doing bad things and affecting, not only the people they were doing bad things to, but also their families, friends and communities. Some things are so terrible as to garner nationwide and at times worldwide attention.
Anyone of us anywhere on the planet at any given time has the power to affect anybody else in a significant/insignificant manner, sometimes having profound effect on those other individuals. So often in the world, many people use that power to do wrong and/or harm to others.
Remember that all of us have this power as we go about our day-to-day lives and we may intentionally or unintentionally change someone else’s life in some way. Let us go out this holiday season and use this power for good not evil. During the Christmas season and all other seasons, let us go out and make other’s lives a little bit better. I intend to do just that, starting with my sister. Merry Christmas everybody, be safe, have fun and wear your seat belts.