December 8, 2022

’08 presidential election: YOU decide your country’s fate

This archived article was written by: Kellie Henderson

While our opportunity to vote in the Utah primary elections has come and gone, as well as the much-anticipated Super Tuesday, the presidential race becomes more intense and unpredictable as the primaries draw to a close.     For many of us at the College of Eastern Utah, this is the first presidential election in which we were able to cast a ballot.   Even if this is not the case, this race is one of the most unique in history- with both a woman and an African American running on the democratic ticket, and the republican favorite changing more frequently than in times past.   The environment plays a role of unprecedented importance, and the fate of Iraq and our military hang in the balance as candidates debate with wildly differing strategies.  
           Whether or not this is your first election, it’s important to know a few basics about how the process works and the candidates themselves.      The primary elections end on June 3 and, in the autumn, the republican and democratic parties hold conventions to officially choose their presidential nominee, as well as his or her vice president.     This convention will take place on August 25-28 for the democrats, and September 1-4 for the republicans.   For more information on the presidential race, candidate standings, etc, go to:  
             Essentially, the most difficult part of voting is choosing a candidate to favor.   Deciphering fact from stretched truth, and wading through a great deal of political mumbo-jumbo is a frustrating endeavor, causing many to give up and vote or otherwise support a candidate based on limited knowledge.     Hopefully, this short overview of these president-hopefuls and their stance on some important issues will make this process a little easier.     To learn more about the candidates, visit their website, or watch the presidential debates at

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