May 25, 2024

Out with the old, in with the new

This archived article was written by: Jaimie Scoville

“I could not have made a difference if I didn’t have CEUSA student government. They have done so much this year in making a difference. We have a new constitution, which creates a better checks and balances for the students, as well as a new CEUSA student government structure and a revised student code of conduct. Nick Deeter and the senators have put together a crosswalk safety proposal to keep those students and members of CEU safe as they cross the streets. Aaron Atwood and the student life council have helped to enforce the publicity policy in order to help keep our campus clean. With the help of Kamber Jensen and the student fee allocation committee, we kept our student fees from raising. Emily McRae and the inter-club council have rearranged how students can start clubs and receive money. Carol Thompson and the activities council started the first Homecoming Week.”
“I think a lot of things this year went really well, CEUSA had some rough spots but we’ve been able to overcome them, figure out what we did wrong and expand on the great things we did.”
“I wish I would have known a lot more when I first started than I do now, CEUSA could have done so much to help CEU. I hope I can help Andrew Hardman and the new executive board make next year at CEU so much better. Because that’s what we are here for right? To better the institution and have students feel like they belong to CEU and that it’s their CEU.”
“I think I will be staying here another year. After that, [I’m] probably [headed to] the University of Utah.”
In five years, she sees herself, “married and still going to school … maybe student body president at four-year institution.”
Her favorite people to work with are everyone. The administration, faculty and staff are always willing to help the students, that’s what they’re working at CEU for. All you have to do is ask and they’ll always be more than willing to help. The students who attend CEU, CEUSA is here for them. They’re the reason we have activities, clubs, senate, and [they also] help voice [student] issues. And CEUSA Student Government, I’ve had so much fun working with them this year. They are awesome, and the fact that they are wanting to be involved and make a difference is amazing. I’ve been able to learn from each and every one of them, and that has helped me to be a better person. Each of them will do great things.”
After serving so many this year, her favorite quality about people is, “First, if I can trust an individual I’m more willing to speak my mind and have them give me a straight answer rather than beat around the bush. Second I really like dependability, if I can depend on someone I’m more willing to ask them to do really big assignments and I won’t have to worry if it’s being done or not.”
“I have learned to be patient, especially in meetings. Delegation, I’m one of those people who sometimes has a hard time asking for help but when I do I feel a lot better once the weight and stress has been lifted off of my shoulders. I also learned that the administration, faculty and staff are always more than willing to help.”
“I’ve learned to build bridges. I feel that that was CEUSA’s main goal this year was to build or repair the bridges between the administration, faculty, staff, organizations on campus and anyone else that in years past we didn’t get along with. I don’t know how some of those bridges were broke in the past but I hope that I and CEUSA student government have been able to unify the entire college and have us all reaching for the common purpose.”