May 25, 2024

Advice to incoming freshman

This archived article was written by: Mikenzi Bentley

Each year CEU’s campus enjoys a new “crop” of freshmen. Shocking. Yes, I know. They are the youngest to attempt higher education and often their naiveté shows. Those who are well accustomed to the inner workings of college life, also known as sophomores, can sometimes be seen rolling their eyes and bustling past those who walk into the computer lab asking for an add/drop form. However, surprisingly enough, we were once freshman and, chances were, chances are, just as lost just once short year ago. And so, as a goodwill offering, I want to offer a couple pieces of advice that I was grateful to learn my first semester. Actually, I only want to offer one in hopes it will ensure the smoothest transition possible into and through college life. (Drum roll, please … ) BE INVOLVED!
This is possibly the first time in your life that you have not been babysat, and you will not be. High School students are often rewarded for A’s and punished for F’s, given extra-credit for attending games and truancies for leaving assemblies, mandated to attend class and hunted down if absent. Finally, you have control over your life. It will be your greatest adventure yet: so use it!
It may sound repetitive to tell you to be involved and I know you have heard it before, but it works! Those who motivate themselves to go to activities, cheer at games, and work hard in their classes will have a much better experience at CEU. Last year I was able to help move some students who lived on campus out of their dorms. One girl in particular was extremely excited to leave CEU. I couldn’t figure out why until it dawned on me: she hadn’t done anything. She had gone to classes half of the time, almost no activities, and spent most of her time in her room with a few select friends “hanging out” and bashing on the local night life. It is no wonder she hated it. Don’t be that girl. By coming to CEU, you are a member of CEUSA and your officers have amazing activities planned for you: go to them and take it upon yourself to make CEU the best experience of your life, and it will be.
Another hidden cache on campus is the SUN (Serving Utah Network) Involvement Center. Those who find and embrace this opportunity never forget it. The SUN Center works with partners on campus and in the community to meet the needs of the community and serve where needed. The SUN Center has chosen Shine as their theme for this year. Appropriate: that is exactly what happens when you give selfless service.
The SUN Center’s first activity is the Service Road Rally at 1:00 P.M. on September 18th. Like other campus activities it is a chance to come and meet new people, have a blast, and get involved.
As you begin this next year, remember that it will be exactly what you make it: if you love it or hate it, it’s your fault. So, take advantage of the opportunities available, be involved, and SHINE!