May 20, 2024

Campus professors, new responsibilities

This archived article was written by: David Osborne

It’s the beginning of the school year and for many colleges and high schools that means Friday nights under the football field lights. That means a good misdirection run up the middle with a few ankle breaking jukes, or perhaps a post route with a diving catch at the last second for a win on your home field. Not surprisingly a couple faculty members from CEU have decided to help coach Carbon High athletes in the battle of the grid iron.Carbon High School recently hired a new head football coach, and not surprisingly he has ties to CEU. Coach Paur’s brother became the head football coach for Carbon about three weeks ago. To help his brother out of a bind Paur accepted the job as a co-offensive coordinator, along with Mr. Reese Barrick and Lou Mele. Paur said that in his years of coaching, 12 of them have included football.When asked about what we can expect from the Carbon High football team this year Paur said “We are expected to lose to Duchesne by 18, but winning is always a good thing.” When we asked Barrick what he expected of the football team he said “They should improve every week, be competitive, and have fun.” After asking Paur what we could expect from the offense he replied with “Wing offense and a lot of misdirection plays.” Hopefully with the misdirection’s Coach Paur and his offense can keep the defense of opposing teams on their toes. Barrick said that since he mostly helps the quarterbacks we can expect a lot of ball handling by them. He would also like to eventually have the team get into a double wing offense. Paur already has a hectic schedule and this is adding to it. His schedule includes being the Athletic Director, basketball practice for the women’s basketball team that ends at 3:30, after that he rushes over to the high school and starts helping out in practice. I asked Paur if helping out at the high school was going to affect any of his duties here at the college, he answered with “Nah, it’s for only eight weeks. Basketball really doesn’t start until after football season.” Barrick said that football shouldn’t affect his job at the museum, he would just have to work a half an hour earlier or later. When asked about whether or not he enjoyed football Paur stated “Yeah, its fun. I have always liked football.” Barrick said that “I really do [enjoy coaching football], its nice working with kids, seeing the lights go on and having them have an understanding of the game.”
With the season underway we can see Paur, Barrick, and Mele down on the field coaching their new offensive squad. Who knows with a couple trick plays like a running back pass or a running back direct snap they could surprise us all and pull a couple upset wins.