May 30, 2024

Free thinking, it’s a start

This archived article was written by: Kris Kohler

I grew up in Utah and come from a long line of coal miners, myself included. That is until I was injured and therefore unable to continue in that particular line of work. The strange thing is that hardly anyone that isn’t from Utah even knows how big of a role the state plays in the energy business. The fact of the matter is that if you live in the western region of the United States, your power is most likely generated from coal that was mined in either the majestic high desert mountains of Utah, the western Colorado Rockies, New Mexico, the smoky mountains of West Virginia or somewhere in China. The sad thing is that most people don’t even think about where their power comes from. Maybe they think that there is just a magically endless supply in a box at the local municipal city building.
It never seizes to amaze me of how ignorant the general population really is when it comes to the energy industry and just how integrated it is with politics. It’s something that we all need, whether we like it or not, yet people time and time again choose to support certain organizations, I won’t mention any names but I will indeed mention that these particular organizations would rather protect dirt than to focus their energies on working hand in hand with energy companies to create greener solutions, like cleaner burning power plants, accept the fact that we need coal and oil; and possibly try to help improve our current economic situation, this coming from an individual who considers himself a liberal.
When it comes to political decisions, especially the kind that involve financial contributions, It seems to me that most people just shell out money to “organizations” that represent their political party, who cares what the cause. If not that than they fall trap to motivated canvassers thinking that they are doing a good deed.
I personally feel that this is a problem with too much talk radio or should I say the extremists that do all the talking. But this wouldn’t be such a problem if America was full of strong individual thinkers and not just trend crazy, gullible imbeciles that care more about the car that their driving then why our great nation is going to hell in a hand basket one generation at a time.
I hate to be so harsh but maybe harsh is what we need to open the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf and especially the mouths of the dumb.
When I was a kid I was taught to believe nothing that I heard and only half of what I see. This being said I can only comment on what I have seen with my own eyes, so the next time that someone knocks on your door and asks you to contribute to their so called “Cause”, you better be sure that you understand everything that their noble, one sided quest will affect. Just because an individual making seven dollars an hour is claiming your money will be able to save the planet it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good cause. Take it from me because I used to be a canvasser for an organization that I am not proud of and the only thing that myself and my associates cared about was memorizing our generic script and all of the rebuttals that would make people feel guilty enough to shell out some cash in order for us to get paid.
The message that I am trying to convey is a simple one. There are always two sides to every story so the only way to know what’s real is to find out for yourself and in order to do so you must first levitate from the box that you are currently trapped. This means forgetting about all of the useless programming that has been force-fed to you your entire life and yes that would include everything that your parents and grandparents told you too (not to imply that everything that they taught you was wrong).
This is known as freethinking and it starts to happen when you evaluate things through a clear and untainted point of view as unbiased as possible.
When and if you decide to take this approach the world around you will begin to appear in a whole different light. I can’t promise that everything will make perfect sense but I can promise that if you look hard enough you will start to see the lies and imperfections in the illusions that hide the truth (a bit like the “Matrix” but not so extreme).
I don’t feel that I need to elaborate any further than I already have. After all I wouldn’t want to persuade or trick you in any way.