May 30, 2024

Registration starts this week for spring semester 2005; new requirements added

This archived article was written by: Carlie Golden

Spring semester is just around the corner. New requirements were recently added for students to take to graduate. The first day to register for classes was November 8, but it is not too late. Registration continues throughout the semester. Do not forget to register early so that you can get the classes you want and the classes you need.
There is a new requirement stating that all students who graduate in spring 2004 to take an oral communication class. There are many choices of classes that students can take on campus to meet this requirement.
These classes are: business class which is business presentations; three communication classes public communication, group communication, and intercultural communication; there are also two theatre classes that will fill the communication requirement acting 1 and voice for theatre. If you take any of these classes it will fill the oral communications intensive requirement.
Students must not forget that they will need to take English 1010 and 2010 for their six English credits, and either math 1030 or 1050 for their three math credits. Students will also need to take an American institutions class for three credits and a computer literacy class also for three credits.
Humanities and fine arts students will need to take nine credits, two humanities and one from fine arts or from two fine arts and one humanities. The humanities classes cover literacy, philosophy and civilizations. Fine art classes are intro to music, film and dance.
As for science there are nine credits that students need to fulfill. Three come from earth science, which includes geography or geology along with five other classes that are available. Three additional credits must come from life science, which includes biology and three others that you can find on line or from your academic advisor. The last three credits as far as science goes is physical science such as chemistry or physics. Students also need three credits for a social science these are classes like psychology and sociology.
There are different degrees that students can get at CEU. The two main associate degrees are science and arts. Associates of Science requires that you do all of the above and take thirty credits in electives. Associates of arts majors need to take twenty credits in electives and ten credits in a foreign language.
Electives are the classes like ceramics, choir, rock climbing, and bowling. So do not forget to make college fun.
Some students may not know that there are certain classes that they may need to take to graduate from CEU, but there are also classes that you can take from here that will get you into your career program. If you are planning on getting into a certain profession and you want to know what classes you need, talk to your advisor.