June 20, 2024

Pujols in Pinstripes


This archived article was written by: Trenton Kinney

Wednesday could change the world of baseball. The first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals is known as the best player in baseball today, and perhaps one of the greatest of all time. Ever since his rookie season, he has made pitchers shake while on the mound. He isn’t a normal-power-hitting first baseman. He has a .330 batting average and hits at least 40 homeruns a year. His contract is up with the Cardinals and if he doesn’t sign there is a rumor that the New York Yankees will be picking him up. Already a top team, the Yankees could be getting a player that would make them a front runner to win the World Series, but not just one. Only God knows how many they’ll win with Pujols on their team.
The fans in St. Louis would hate life if they lose the player who has made them the team they are today; especially if they lose him to the bombers from the Bronx. He has been the face of the franchise ever since he came into the league. Without “Big Albert” they’ll be just a good team, not a phenomenal team. Granted they will still have Matt Holliday, Adam Wainwright and Chris Carepenter. Those three combined don’t total the importance of Pujols. Do you know the backup first baseman? I’d be suprised if Tony La Russa, the Cardinals manager, even knows who he is.
Now that we know how this loss could affect the Cardinals, let’s talk about how much the Yankees could gain. Although they have Mark Texiera at first who is one of the top players in baseball, he’s no match for Pujols. But why would they want one of these superstars in the lineup when they could have both. Pujols used to play outfield, so why not move him to left field to take out a weaker part of their lineup. Brett Gardner just isn’t cutting it. This would be a perfect move for the Yankees because it’ll put pressure on the Boston Red Sox. It would make it so that the Red Sox would need someone so they keep up with the Yankees. No player that the Sox could get would match the signing that Yankees could end up with.
Baseball hasn’t even started yet, and this could be the biggest story of the year. If the Yankees get Pujols, then baseball as we know it is most likely over. They’ll have the best lineup in the history of baseball. With Alex Rodriguez, Texiera, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter already, then add Pujols, it is all but over. All people who know and love baseball and aren’t Yankee fans will lose interest because there is no way they will be beaten. Wednesday is the last day that the Cardinals have to sign the future Hall-of-Famer. If not he may be seen in pinstripes next year, hitting the streets of downtown New York with Jeter and Rodriguez, not to mention the rest of the Yankees line-up.