September 26, 2021

Why live on campus

Why should students live on campus? Reasons are many and I hope to touch on many of them.

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This archived article was written by: Dr.Alex Hertzog

Why should students live on campus? Reasons are many and I hope to touch on many of them.
Studies indicate that students who live on campus have a higher rate of finishing college and graduating over students who live off campus. Data suggests that students who live in the residence halls are more involved with extracurricular activities. They experience a higher rate of personal growth, are more connected to the college and seem to have a higher rate of quality interpersonal relationships (friends) than those that live off campus. Interaction with faculty is also higher for those that live on campus. (The Resident Assistant by Gregory Blimling 2003)
While the data speaks for itself in general, why live on campus at USU Eastern?
1. Convenience: never have to find parking. All the classroom buildings are a short walk.
2. Never cook again. Living on campus, you get a meal plan and you will never have to cook for yourself.
3. Never worry about your roommate not having the money to pay the rent.
4. Cost: utilities, cable and Internet are included.
5. Easier to get involved in campus life and make a difference.
6. Support: the housing staff is there to help you succeed in college. The staff is trained to help you adjust to college life!
7. Fun: living on campus is a blast. You will know when all the events are happening and you will make friends that much easier!
Sure, the residence halls have rules that all must follow. Some are dictated by the State of Utah like the no alcohol rule. Rules like visiting hours and quiet hours are there for the benefit of the entire community. Just because you like to be loud all the time doesn’t mean your neighbor likes it.
Living on campus is easier. Students can focus on education and not living circumstances. They provide a clean, safe and educational environment that is geared towards success as a student. Check us out at
Hope to see you on campus.

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