June 13, 2024

Springing into action, both physically and romantically


This archived article was written by: Jordan Sanders

With warm spring air, comes a certain vigor that can’t be described so much as experienced.  The beating sun and scent of flowers is the perfect prescription for the spring fever that debilitates students and employees alike.  People stop sullenly glaring at one another through their shivers; the sun, good feelings and smiles seem to brighten each day.  Many refer to this time of year as a time of rebirth, so what better time to start over on our long forgotten exercise programs?  Also, when better to start a “spring fling” that might turn into something more, with that gal or guy that has been the apple of your eye for the past few months?  These are some great questions that I want to address.
Let’s be serious, it’s no secret that the winter months are a bad time for weight gain.  Christmas, New Year’s, and yes even Valentine’s Day are quite notorious for sweets and junk food.  That’s not the only problem though…it’s almost like everyone goes into hibernation mode where we eat, rest and slowly build some good insulation on the outside of our muscles.  Winter is over now.  It’s about time too, because the insulation I have built has gotten rather thick.  
There are a few ways to get rid of this insulation, which are to exercise and eat healthy.  Exercise doesn’t have to be thought of as a swear word, though it isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing to do.  In the springtime, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed, whether it be a stroll through the town or an intense game of ultimate frisbee.  The important thing is that you stay active and get your heart rate going.  
Also, there are always fruits and veggies available year round, thanks to our modern agriculture, but it seems like they taste better in the springtime.  At least they do to me.  Take advantage of the delicious and nutritious foods that are available, because it is surprising how much good they do for you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  Good health can affect you in many ways and make life more enjoyable. 
Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  I don’t know the science behind it, but it always seems that during springtime love is in the air.  In the movie “Bambi,” they talk about the phenomenon and call it being “twitter-pated.”  Regardless of its name, it is a real thing.  Honestly, what better time for it too?  There are tons of activities to do as dates, because you no longer have to be confined to an inside area.  There is kite flying, picnics, hiking, sports-activities, star-gazing, all kinds of fun and inexpensive activities that can make a relationship blossom- no pun intended.  
I’m not endorsing frivolous behavior or being frisky, but it is okay to enjoy a good date now and then, especially when they can be inexpensive and fun.  Dive deep and collect that moxy to ask someone out and have a good time.  Maybe you can even join both ideas I’ve talked about and have an active date.  Regardless, I do know it’s important to spring into action before it’s too late and the good weather and the apple of your eye turn rotten.  Why wait?  Spring is a time to celebrate!