April 20, 2024

Residential life facilities gets makeovers

res halls.jpg

This archived article was written by: Shadayah Jones

Many changes have taken place on campus at USU-Eastern in the past few years and they are not stopping anytime soon. In the residential halls, many changes have been made, and there are new plans and ideas in the process.
Something new this year for the residential halls will be new paint and carpet in the lounges, corresponding with the new hall themes.
Burtenshaw was given the theme of “Comics.” The first floor will be Marvel comics, such as Iron Man, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk, while the second floor will be DC comics, such as Batman, Superman and The Joker. The new theme colors for Burtenshaw will be lime green and purple. The lounge will be painted these colors and later the door frames. There are also plans to put in a new kitchenette for the residents to use in the lounge.
Tucker Resident Hall was given the theme of the “Big Bang Room.” This hall will be getting items that are connected to the famous TV show “The Big Bang Theory” such as new posters of Sheldon, Leonard and Penny. It will also be decorate with items related to “Revenge of the Nerds” and other related themes. The Tucker lounge will be painted black and scarlet red.
Aaron Jones was given the theme of “The Oasis.” This hall will be given an earth theme and feel. Many pictures of beautiful scenery around Utah such as Arches National Park and Zion’s National Park will be provided within the hall. The lounge will be painted light brown and forest green with new green carpet or give the feel of grass in the hall. Later the door frames will also be painted these colors and there is also plans to add barbeque grills outside the hall.
Lastly, Session’s Hall, which is known for the athletics, was given the theme of “Sports Bar.” Their new theme colors are supporting our school athletic teams and showing school spirit and Eagle pride with navy blue and gold. The first floor lounge will be named Emmet’s Place and there are plans to add a pinball machine and dartboard and a bar for serving meals. Pictures of extreme and fun activities will be added on the wall such as snowboarding and rock climbing, etc. The top lounge is named The Jock Spot, and this will be a place for a USU-Eastern Athletic Hall of Fame.
By bringing these new ideas and themes to the halls on campus, the residential life staff is hoping to provide a sense of unity and community within the halls. By providing an area where students want to hang out will help them develop relationships and a sense of community with other residents in their halls and on campus. Community building is a huge part of living on campus. While going to college students will develop relationships that will last a life time and memories that they will never forget.
Fernando Alcantár, director of student life, explains that “We believe two things that are proven by experience and research. One, that a high number student living on campus equals a higher percentage of student involvement, and use of campus resources (including dining services). Two, a good experience in residence life will increase the retention rates due to satisfaction, and enrollment due to better word of mouth from current students.”
Although all of the plans for the residential halls will take time and patience, many new changes are taking place that are the building blocks and the stepping stones of great on-campus living.