June 20, 2024

Spotlight on student leaders: residential life and ESA

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Shadayah Jones

> What are some of your duties?

I am the president of the residential advisors. Basically I am in charge of everyone else on paper, but I really do all the same things as the other ones. I do normal R.A duties, I do rounds, I put flyers on the bulletin boards. I do office hours, and deal with problems when my residents have issues. 

> Do you have any specific ideas to help improve the school?

Me personally, I don’t have any specific ideas. But as a whole, we are planning on doing a lot of changes to the halls. We are redecorating in an attempt to make them a more open environment.

> What is the best part of your job?

Definitely getting to know of all the new residents. There are a ton of new people to meet.

> Why would you suggest students live in the resident halls?

If you live off campus, you just don’t get the social life you do if you live on campus. There are always things going on or people to meet. Plus, being on campus means you get to know everything going on.

> What two celebrities would you pick to be your parents?

Well it can’t be anyone who I have a crush on, so I have to think really hard about this one. Um, I’d pick Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. If I had them as parents then I could sing.

Michael Perry

> What are some of your duties?

My official title is “student advocate.” I am a member of student government, serving as one of the project managers. My job is to make sure that student’s voices are heard. I ensure the rights of students. In general, I am the student lawyer. I am here to make sure that students aren’t overlooked.

> Do you have any specific ideas to help improve the school?

I just want to help faculty and staff understand student’s needs more keenly. I think that they get overlooked sometimes, and I just want to stop that from happening.

> What is the best part of your job?

Making a change for the good. I really like understanding the student’s needs and what they need.

> What would you suggest to a student who is having an issue on campus?

Let your issue be heard, come talk to a student leader or someone on staff you trust. Get someone to hear you. If they don’t hear you, it won’t be solved.

> Big Mac’s or Whoppers?

Fast food’s gross. I haven’t ate at McDonald’s for three years. Every time I’d eat there, I would get sick. And it was three different places, it wasn’t just place.