June 20, 2024

Whasssuppp? by ESA

Thumbs Up

• You get to know lots of people because of how small campus is
• The campus is small, making it easy to get around
• The campus has a friendly atmosphere, is kept clean and all around fun to be on
• Everyone really enjoys it here
• The Golden Grill has great food
• The residence halls are fun to hang out in
• Everyone gets along with each other
• The buildings are taken care of
• There are lots of things to be involved in
• The BDAC is very useful
• There is never a dull moment on campus
• It’s safe to cross the street, everyone stops

Thumbs Down

• The cafeteria doesn’t roll over meals
• The grass is over watered and wet most of the time
• There are not enough clubs
• The carpet in the A.J. lounge is ugly and uncomfortable
• The furniture in the lounges isn’t great
• All the food areas are closed after a certain time, making it difficult to eat if you have classes
• The Wi-fi is very slow and doesn’t always work
• The weight room in the gym is very run down

•The residence halls are all an odd greyish-white color
•The Golden Grill is slow at completing orders
• Midnight curfew in the residence halls
• Carpet in many of the residence halls are grey and stained
• The weights for the gym are old and rusted