November 27, 2022

Workforce Development Center relocating


This archived article was written by: Ashley Stilson

Be ready, citizens of Carbon and Emery County. The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) is transforming into an easily accessible community resource, ready to help provide links between businesses, students, agencies and USU Eastern.
The Professional and Technical Education (PTE) division is turning the former ceramics building on 300 East on the USU Eastern campus into a community resource for those looking to enter the workforce or prepare for college.
One of the first goals of CWD is to create a highly visible and readily accessible community resource for businesses. “The new building is a completely new way to connect with students and the community,” Russell Goodrich, head of the CWD, commented. “[It’s not just] a new location for the former Workforce Education Division.”
If entering the workforce is the help you need, CWD will also be a presence for DWS and vocational rehabilitation personnel, offering services to increase cooperation between the workforce and educational agencies such as USU Eastern. Students looking for certificates and short-term training will find a one-stop resource to enter the workforce.
Small businesses need look no further for help getting started. CWD will provide small business startup and expansion (SBDC) for the community. Services for larger companies are also included, such as economic gardening, CTE training, customized training and a resource for internships. Other training includes Custom Fit and STIT training for credit and non-credit.
The new center will also be a prominent link for student services and the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. CWD will become a recognized location for admission, registration and advisement in the workforce and CTE programs.
Student services include basic job skill training, college readiness classes and career advising. CWD offers classes to help prepare to enter college-level work. They also offer comprehensive learning plans, job placement and resume preparation.
The bottom line is the CWD is ready to help community members, students, and anyone with the determination to be the change they want to see in the world, enter the workforce. The CWD should be open to the public in October.

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