February 23, 2024

Archuleta hired to head USU Eastern campus police

Lynn Archuleta.jpg

This archived article was written by: Chris Barney

K-9 work and drug interdiction were some of the experiences the new head of the campus police force listed in his background. Now the man who roped in drug smugglers from across the Western United States leads USU Eastern’s police department.
Lynn Archuleta found a love for Carbon County growing up. His story is one guided by the good council and support of others. Archuleta roots trace to Spanish Fork. Frequent visits to Scofield Reservoir and Price as a boy have made him want to stay here for good.
While attending the College of Eastern Utah in the early ‘90s, a part-time position fell into his hands working campus security with the police force. The chief officer at the time encouraged Archuleta to pursue a career in law enforcement. Archuleta took the advice and hasn’t looked back since, he was sworn into the force in 1996.
His first position took him to Wendover, Utah, where he rested for just short of one year. In 1997, his love for Carbon County brought him back, this time to Helper.
Archuleta saw potential for a K-9 unit in the area, but funds where lacking. A petition and fund-raising brought in the city’s first narcotics-dog. During 15 years, Archuleta hauled in large amounts of illegal drugs and cash, more than one can imagine. “The community itself was the one that should take the credit for starting the K-9 program.”
“Police work is about being pro-active. To keep things at a minimal, you want to be approachable.” Therein is the key to successful law enforcement. Archuleta appreciates his past experiences, still recognizing the different aspects of his previous position, and his new one as police sergeant. “Public relations are important for my job.” He says “one must earn the respect and friendship of the young people and students in order to remain effective.”
Working with the resident assistants provides Archuleta with the resources to better understand the students, staff and faculty he is charged with protecting.
Archuleta wants to be seen interacting with people on campus. That is what keeps crime at a minimal, making for a safe Eastern.