February 29, 2024

Four people every student should get to know on USU Eastern’s campus

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This archived article was written by: James Justice

After spending time taking classes at USU Eastern (College of Eastern Utah), I’m writing about four people you should really get to know while you are there. These four are just amazing people who will change your life, make you a better person and show you how to be happy in friendships. Before you graduate, make sure you try to meet these amazing people.
Elaine Youngberg, Ed.D. – associate professor of business, Reeves Building. Youngberg is unquestionably the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life. Though I think she she’s brilliant, she’s also incredibly kind, humble about her abilities and forgiving.
I’ve had Youngberg for four classes and it was a joy every time to learn from such an amazing woman. If you need to take any business class: business writing, accounting, etc. take them from Youngberg, she won’t disappoint you. Youngberg, more than anyone I list here or in the future, has influenced me for the positive pertaining to my educational goals; I thank her.
Susan Polster, Ph.D. – associate professor of communication, SAC 109. Polster is hands down the smartest person I’ve ever met about communications: writing, punctuation, orthography, First Amendment issues, etc.
I’ve taken newspaper production from Polster the past two years and it’s been a joy. Like Youngberg, Polster is incredibly kind, humble and forgiving of others. But, she’ll get after you when you don’t get assignments in on time, which I love.
In my opinion everyone should take a newspaper writing class. It’s a thrilling feeling knowing that people are reading what you’ve written. Plus Polster will teach you how newspaper writing is different than regular writing.
Jan Thornton, LCSW – director of student success, JLSC 223. There’s been few people in my life who, once they learn that I’m bi-polar and have MS—who really know what that means to be that sick—treat me with real respect, take into account the things that I need to feel “normal,” or hell, just treat me like a normal human being, Thornton is one.
She and I have been through quite a bit, both dark times and happy times, and there’s a few things about her that I’d like to tell everyone: her job is making sure that you, as a student, succeed. And she loves each and every student on this campus. Thornton wants you to succeed, she wants you to be happy and she wants you to be all you can be. If you take five minutes and talk to her, you’ll be a better person for it. She will change your life more for the positive than any person I’ve met.
Kim Booth – director of financial aid & scholarships, JLSC 201. If you ask me, Booth has the hardest job on campus; he is the one that has to tell you when you can’t get money.
Booth is a good man. In a time where people are getting more and more evil, that’s a precious thing to come by. Booth, more than anyone you’ll meet on campus, cares about your financial future. So, when he says you can’t get money, it isn’t because he hates you or anything like that. He honestly knows the burden of educational debt and will try all legal avenues to help students with their financial needs. Take his advice, he’s been around the block a time or two, you’ll learn what an amazing man he truly is.
And there you have it, my first four people who you need to get to know on Eastern’s campus. As a disclaimer, please don’t bug the people in their offices, they’re all extremely busy. But, if you see them walking around campus, introduce yourself and make a new friend.