December 3, 2023

My Dear Watson

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My Dear Watson,
I have been falling behind in my homework and have been struggling with the stress. How can I catch up in my schoolwork?
Struggling Student

Dear Struggling,
Falling behind in your schoolwork can be a very difficult situation to find yourself in and sometimes can leave you feeling like you’ll never be able to catch up. My suggestion to you is to sit down and make yourself a list of all the things you are missing/need to do. Plot out your time so that you can get through them all in a timely manner. Just remember to actually follow through. If you’re having issues understanding the course material because you are so far behind, visit one of the labs! The math lab is located in the WIB in room 221. You can also find the writing lab on the second floor of the WIB. There are also chances for you to get tutoring online. Visit for more information.
Sincerely, Watson ([email protected])

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