July 21, 2024

Adding classes will cost you some money

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USU Eastern students must be registered for classes they are attending according to university policy. However, they can still add classes after the Sept. 16 deadline, according to Noelle E. Cockett, USU executive vice president and provost.
 Officially, the last day to add classes for fall semester was Sept. 16. If a student was dropped for nonpayment (the purge), he or she must re-register by that date. After the Sept. 16 deadline, 
the only way for a student to add a class is to complete a petition for a late add form.
 The petition must include a valid reason as to why the student did not register before 
the deadline and must be approved by an associate dean or higher. Students whose petitions for a late add are granted will be assessed an additional $20 per course “late add” fee for a USU Eastern course. A USU Logan student will be assessed an additional $100 per course. Online and upper-division courses at USU Eastern are under the USU Logan policy with students accessed the $100 per course “late add” fee.
An instructor’s signature will not guarantee that a student will be added, even if the student has been attending the class, according to an email from Cockett.
Cocket lists some of the valid reasons for adding classes after the cutoff date are: internships, co-op work experience, PE 1900 (club sports), addition of credits to a variable-credit course, direct section swap (e.g., switch from one section of USU 1320 to another section), and MSL or AS courses for which students are recruited after the semester begins.
She wrote that the deadlines for the last day to add are different for classes that do not conform to the full-semester calendar.
To add a USU Eastern class, fill out the late add form and return to Jan Young, Records Office, USU Eastern. The Academic Appeals committee will review the form and notify the student of their decision.
Questions regarding this policy from USU Eastern students should be directed to Jan Young, director of academic records and registration [email protected].
Questions regarding this policy from USU Logan students should be directed to John Mortensen, assistant vice president for enrollment services and retention, at [email protected]. “Another reason for the policy is to try to finalize enrollment numbers by the third week of classes.  The official enrollment numbers from Day 15 of classes are reported to the Board of Regents.  It all goes back to the policy that all students who are attending must be registered.”