June 3, 2023

For the underqualified, overqualified and everything in between


This archived article was written by: Shantel Hardy

We all know that paying for college is no easy task. College can be expensive. There are many costs: tuition, food, housing and, of course, fun money. Oh, how we all know how difficult it is to get the money to pay for responsibilities and pleasures. USU Eastern students, have I got news for you. In Price, Utah, there are jobs available. You just need to know how to get them.
Start out with an agenda and list your personal interests, your need for income and your resume. Also, I would advise taking into account any talents, capabilities or certifications you might have. These are some steps you can take to landing a job.
Never forget to listen to peers, teachers, friends, parents, etc. They can give you vital advice and aid you in your “I want to make billions” process.
Here are some tips for finding and obtaining a job in or close to Price:
Do a web search. Google is your friend. If you know what field you would like to work in, go to the search bar and type in “nursing jobs in Price, Utah.” You are bound to click link after link but it gives you a better chance at finding the job that is right for you, and it’s a start, right? The following websites will help you search the Price area for jobs. Give them a look:
Go to establishments and apply. Although you might not get the job you absolutely desire, if you see “NOW HIRING” and it’s something you are capable of doing, go for it. Keep in mind that there is no harm in applying, even if the place you apply doesn’t have any job openings at the moment, you still have a chance to work there when there is an opening.Make friends in the field you wish to work. Having friends in high places can be beneficial.
“Kiss butt.” Let’s be honest, every one kisses up when they want something. So pucker up. It never hurts to be extremely nice. Like I have said, this will only benefit you.
Work hard. When you are given an opportunity to work, don’t take it for granted. There are people out there who are willing to fight for your job. Put on your happy face and wear a positive attitude; you will have a better experience and show your employers you are right for the job.
Keep your chin up. When you don’t get the job, keep trying to find one. There are multiple jobs available and are yours for the taking, as long as you give it a chance. Don’t let one bad interview or not-so-great resume kill your spirits. This may sound cheesy, but no one else is like you and I know you have got what it takes to be the best at what you do. So go do it!
There are tons of things you can do to find a job. You just need the motivation to go out and search, even if it takes you days, weeks or months.
You can’t give up hope. You have to take the initiative and fight for what you want. So, students, get out there and start making “the big bucks”. Even if it’s only $7.50 an hour—one hour will buy you two meals from McDonalds.

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