June 21, 2024

Hurst heads to Ohio

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Kevin Hurst, the advisor for the USU Eastern ambassador team and admissions advisor, left Oct 26 for Zanesville, Ohio, to start his new job, and his new life.
“I was a successful candidate to be the director of student support services at Zane State College,” says Hurst.
At Utah State University Eastern, Hurst was an admissions advisor in enrollment services, as well as the advisor for the ambassador team. At least in description, his job was straight forward. Promote the school and recruit students to attend Eastern. Being advisor to the ambassador team was what he considered to be the most important and most fulfilling aspect of his job.
“When it comes to recruiting, the ambassador team is really our greatest asset because they are actual students here,” explained Hurst. “It wasn’t too long ago that they were in the shoes of the prospective student trying to determine what school they would go to. They can relate a lot better than we can to prospective students.”
His new job description is a little different.
“I will be helping first generation students, students with low income, or students with a registered disability to persist through college towards earning a degree, or transferring to an institution where they can earn a four-year degree,” he says.
Although different, he is still excited because in his new job, he will still get to work with students and help them be successful, which is what he loves most about working in higher education.
There are advantages with changing positions.
“I won’t have to travel as much, so that will be nice. I will spend more time with my family in the evenings and the weekends,” says Hurst, “and I will still get to plan some activities for students, which is something I enjoy.”
Aside from quality family time, the position offers an increase in pay, as well as the title of director, which is a step up from his position at Eastern.
He says, “The position feels right, and I think it’s a great opportunity.”
With Hurst leaving, the obvious concern is what will happen with the ambassador team, and who will replace him as admissions advisor now that he is gone. Kristian Olson will take over as advisor of the ambassador team.
“We have a really strong ambassador team. We have great leaders on the team. To be an ambassador, it takes a certain caliber of individual who is outgoing, friendly, mindful of others, can make personal connections and relationships,” says Hurst, “and so I don’t see the transition being a problem just because of the strong individuals on the team. Plus I feel like Kristian is a strong leader and he has had experience advising ambassador teams before, so that should make for a smooth transition.”
As far as his other position, he won’t be replaced immediately.
For the present, at least until next semester, enrollment services will hire two temporary satelite recruiters who live on the wasatch front. The main concern is to ensure that there are sufficient representatives from USU Eastern to attend the High School Tour, which is an agreement among the colleges in Utah to visit high schools around the state. These temporary positions will replace Hurst’s full time position until next semester at which point the school will be looking for a full time admissions advisor.
What Hurst will miss most is advising the ambassadors, but he feels like the team is in good hands, and the new position in Ohio is where he needs to be.