October 4, 2023

Carbon graduate cheering for Eagles

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This archived article was written by: Rachel Scoggins

Porsha Grimmett is a freshman
attending USU Eastern and is a member of the cheerleading squad.
Porsha graduated from Carbon High School in May 2013. She was born in Huntington and raised in Price, Utah. She attended Sally Mauro Elementary, then Helper Jr. High and finally Carbon High School. During her years at Helper Jr. High, she participated in volleyball, basketball, track and also cheerleading from seventh grade to ninth grade.
When Grimmett was a freshman in high school, she decided that for her sophomore year she would try out for cheerleading. She liked how she could travel for every sport and participate in the performances. One thing she liked about cheerleading was that it ended during the spring which allowed her to try out for softball.
“I loved softball because the girls on the team were my best friends and playing was a blast!” After her sophomore year, she dropped cheerleading and decided that she just wanted to just play softball.
Grimmett is the second youngest of four children. Her favorite movie is “Titanic,” “Even though I know what is going to happen I still cry.” I’m pretty sure that all of us who have seen that movie have cried once Jack dies and Rose lets him go.
She loves the band Avenged Sevenfold. She loves Chinese food, anything Italian and her grandmother’s homemade rolls and mashed potatoes and gravy.
What she likes most about USU Eastern is the atmosphere and how productive it is. She thinks that all the activities that are planned are very fun and a good way to get involved with the school. She also likes how she can choose what classes she wants to take and not be told what certain class is needed to graduate like in high school.
How is college cheerleading different then high school cheerleading? Grimmet thinks that college cheer is more serious and it is more fun than high school. “I did not like high school cheer.” She loves learning new things and being able to improve her abilities. With every team at first there is some rough times but she feels that they all have made a lot of progress and is excited for the year to continue.
Her favorite quote is “The future lies before you like a field of fallen snow, be careful how you tread it for every step will show.”

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