July 13, 2024

Larissa Quintana


This archived article was written by: Krista Hamilton

Larissa Quintana is one of three Brazilian players on the USUE women’s basketball team. The six-foot tall Grande do Sul Brazil is a welcomed member of the team on and off the court. She says she loves all her teammates and thinks they always have the best times when they go on road trips because they watch movies and hang out together as a team, which they usually don’t have time for during the week because of school and basketball practice and games.
Quintana dreamed of playing in the states since she was 8. “It is the best place to play basketball in the world and I’m glad I got the chance to live my dream.” In her opinion, the game is much more physical in the states. She had a hard time getting used to it her first year at USU Eastern. She feels like she has got better and hopes her team does well this season.
Michael Jordan and Diana Tautasi were her roll models as a child. However, now that she has gotten really good at her sport, she hopes to play pro either here or in Europe. “As far as college goes for next year, I’m not really thinking about where I want to go. I’m staying focused on the season this year.”
Her favorite quote is, “the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Keep grinding, the best is yet to come.”