December 7, 2023

Q & A with Coach Madsen


This archived article was written by: Shantel Hardy

Head Baseball Coach Scott Madsen was interviewed via email about his baseball team after they completed their fall schedule.
Q: How do you feel about the upcoming season and spring team?
A: I am excited to see how this spring will turn out. After having such a successful season last year, I have high hopes for this team. We have players that have played in the league and know what is expected of them.
Q: Do you feel you have a strong team going into 2014?
A: The team is well rounded in all categories of play. We have had many talented pitchers come to the program with which I have high hopes for. The fielders have a good, solid core of sophomore’s that will really help in knowing the game. With the hitting, I feel that we could be better, but they are a very talented group.
Q: What would you say are your team’s greatest strengths and weaknesses and where do they lie?
A: One of the team’s greatest strengths would have to be the chemistry between the players. They seem to play well together and strive off each other. One weakness that I would say that we have is some of our key positions will be younger players that are not experienced and will have to take their lumps throughout the season.
Q: How do you keep your team in shape over the winter break?
A: Over the winter we go inside the gym to throw and hit. We do a lot of one-on-one work while our space is limited. This is something that really helps the players to get the little adjustments done that they may have.
Q: Since you are no longer part of SWAC, are you enjoying being independent?
A: Since we have gone with more of an independent schedule, it has been a great experience for us. We are able to travel more places and face teams that we would otherwise not be able to face.
Q: Where are last year’s sophomore players?
A: Chance Abrath and Gentry Hatch are at Dixie State playing baseball. I believe they are the only two that are still playing. Joe Barta is at the University of Utah and Hayden Basinger is at UVU going to school. Bailey Thomas is in Aviator school at USU in Logan. Tayson Wilson is on an LDS mission. Denver Hansen is working in the Park City area. Matt Gochis is going to school and helping as a manager here at USU Eastern. Nate Hardman is going to school at UVU and is getting married. Sam Trout is going to school at Utah. Adalberto Quiles is going to school and playing baseball in Puerto Rico. Kyle King is going to school at USU Logan and playing on their club baseball team.