March 1, 2024

BDAC resources available to USU Eastern students at no cost

This archived article was written by: Shadayah Jones

Welcoming in the new year comes with New Year’s resolutions. One of the New Year’s resolutions at the top of most people’s list is to lose a little bit of weight. Following the two holidays’ that are known for food, many want to lose those few pounds brought on by the holiday treats. Luckily for the students at USU Eastern, they have a way to accomplish this goal. The BDAC is a campus and community gym located on campus next to the Reeves building.
Some of the resources that the BDAC provides is a free work out area for students at USU Eastern. All of the facilities are free for student’s use. Some of the facilities offered are an exercise and training room, weight room, racquetball courts and running track. If you are not a student and want to access the facilities, memberships are available for $30 per month, $200 a year or $4 a day.
Free admissions into all of the athletic events held on campus are also available to students. Most schools charge their students to come to athletic events, but with a USU Eastern Student ID card, all admissions are free.
Every year the BDAC tries to update equipment for the students and the community. The most recent update at the BDAC is the floor in the weight room that was added this year. There were also some dumbbell stands ordered and personnel are awaiting their arrival.
The BDAC was painted as well. One of the additions that can be expected is a new sealing on the gym floor. “The floor is not sealing properly and it may eventually need to be replaced,” explains Dave Paur, athletics director of the BDAC and women’s basketball head coach.
Another addition that is expected soon is the track field being prepared for the new men’s and women’s soccer teams. Maintenance is in the process of fixing the drainage problem and making the field wider for the upcoming sporting events.
When entering the BDAC, there are some equipment machines that are currently out of order and unfortunately may not be fixed within the next few years. “When it comes to the fixing and replacing equipment the BDAC, staff tries to update yearly and that is dependent on what is in need first,” said Paur.
Whether students want to come to the BDAC to lose weight, relieve some stress or just come and support Eastern’s athletic teams, all of the facilities are free and available.