March 2, 2024

Campus Store rearrangement


This archived article was written by: Sawsha Perri

It’s called the Campus Store, because when you hear bookstore you automatically think that it’s all about books, right? Well that’s one major reason why the name has changed here at USU Eastern. They are trying to get away from the term “bookstore” because they sell so much more than just books.
At Eastern’s Campus Store you can buy anything from text books to clothing to food, also art supplies, décor for your dorm room, Frisbee golf discs, and computers. You may also have items special ordered.
It has become USU Policy that all regional campuses change the title to Campus Store, says Susan Leonard, Eastern’s Campus Store manager.
Leonard says that the Campus Store’s rearrangement has increased the floor space as to add a small commons like area which she wants it to, eventually, have a “Barnes and Noble” feel. Where coffee can be sold and students will be able to sit down and comfortably read while waiting to be helped.
USU Logan recommends that to better improve customer service and to help students more effectively, students need to go to counter service. They aren’t trying to hide anything or keep students out; they are just trying to better improve customer service. If you need to look at a book, all you need to do is ask and they can hand it to you.
Before, people were able to buy a book one day and return it the next. This made people able to buy the book, make copies of the pages they needed and then returned it.
This could cause the Campus Store to lose their license due to copyright laws being broke. Plus there had been thefts, and not just of books. Due to the Campus Store being understaffed, it is hard to watch everybody and everything.
Another new strategy employees are trying is the new computer system look-up. This is right next to the book service counter. All you need is your A number and your Banner password and it will automatically pull up your book list with the class information on it. It will give prices on both new and used books.
According to Leonard, the store as a whole is struggling. Trying to stay competitive with, Kindles and different available apps; they are also trying to keep pricing to a minimum for students to be able to afford textbooks.
The Campus Store is also trying to keep up with what is trendy clothing and fan wise. Due to Leonard being the only full time employee beside April Buscarini she doesn’t have time to go to the shows, games, and activities to see for herself what people wear.
She has a hard time picking out items that she thinks would sell here at Eastern’s Campus Store because of this. Having someone send an e-mail or try to describe something in detail over the phone is hard because it’s difficult to get the right image, Leonard expressed.
The Campus Store also has new hours from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. We remind students that there is a BOOK BUY BACK (see: Cash for Books) January 28th and 29th. Lastly, Leonard and the rest of the Campus Store staff appreciate your patience and support.