July 23, 2024

Purge dumps 134 students

This archived article was written by: Kandace Candelaria

If you’re one of the unlucky 134 USU Eastern students who got purged on Jan. 17, then you know the overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety that comes with it.
According to USU policy, if a student has not paid tuition and fees in full, the registrar’s office may cancel (or “purge”) the student’s registration for the upcoming semester, meaning the student will no longer have a seat reserved in the classes he or she has chosen.
The determining factor as to whether or not a student’s registration will be “purged” depends upon the balance owed. Class fees are included in the balance owed.
According to Jan Young, director of academic records and registration, the policy is different on the Logan campus. Students are purged twice: two weeks before classes begin and again on Jan. 17. On the Eastern campus, students are only purged on Jan. 17.
She said, “USU communicates with all students through their preferred email accounts. All students are responsible to keep their preferred email addresses current.” USU has sent two emails to their “preferred” email account announcing that the student’s classes will be purged for non payment of tuition. If the student does not check his/her email account, then they need to start checking for critical information and messages the school sends out. We really try to warn the students that their classes will be purged.
The “preferred” email is the one the student gave the registration office when they registered for classes.
According to assistant to academic advising, Gypsie Delgado, “We send two emails prior to the purge, then we call and email to get a hold of students after they have been purged. It’s usually pretty easy to get back into classes.”