April 20, 2024

Student leaders: how they bring a good dynamic

This archived article was written by: Jonathan Fox

The USU Ambassador team lost several members after the fall semester: Kelly Davis, Megan Sorenson and Monica Williams. To make up the difference, the team added new members for spring semester: Caitlin Hensley and Enrique Becerra.
Only two members were added to the team this semester, but next fall not only will the ambassador team need members, but all leadership groups on campus are looking for new student leaders.
Leadership interviews for Fall 2014 are Feb. 21. Both incoming students and returning students can apply for leadership next year. Interviews will be held in conjunction with an Eagle Experience.
If returning students want to apply for leadership, they need to register for that Leadership Weekend/Eagle Experience on Feb. 21. They can find out more information about registering for leadership interviews from the Welcome Center in the Jennifer Levitt Student Center.
The interview process is not just for the ambassador team, but it is for all leadership on campus. Many students from all the leadership groups will be involved in helping coordinate and direct potential leaders through a series of games and tasks.
The intention is that during the games or tasks, students will be divided into teams, while current student leaders and their advisors will be observing during the activities to determine which students have strengths that will add to their respective teams.
After the interviews, it will be determined which students will be invited back to another Eagle Experience on March 28 for a second round of interviews.
The top students from the secondary interviews will be offered a position on one of four leadership teams: the SUN Center, the Eastern Student Association, Residential Life, or the Ambassador team.
Advisors are looking for students who will work well with the existing members, and who will bring a good dynamic to the team.