April 17, 2024

The life of a baseball player

This archived article was written by: Rachel Scoggins

Jake Chlarson is a freshman from Murrayville, Ill. He attended Jacksonville High School and participated in three sports, football, wrestling and baseball.
Some of Chlarson’s hobbies include going camping and hunting with family and friends. He also likes playing sports and having a good time with his friends
He is the youngest of six kids; he has three brothers and two sisters.
He has served a mission for his church so he has been away from his parents enough that he isn’t homesick, but of course he misses hugs from his mom. “I’m kind of a momma’s boy.”
He has a Blue Tick Heeler named Patch. His favorite meal is a traditional Sunday dinner, consisting of a pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and homemade rolls. Chlarson also enjoys the movie ‘A Knight’s Tale’.
Chlarson made the decision to attend USU Eastern because he wanted to come to Utah and at the same time he wanted to play baseball. His position on the team is catcher.
He is uncertain if he will come back to USU Eastern. It all depends on how he feels baseball goes this year.
What he likes about USU Eastern is the small class size which allows a more personal relationship with the teachers and a better learning atmosphere. After serving an LDS mission for the last two years, Jake is pretty excited to be back in school and taking classes towards his major in chemical engineering. “Overall I like school here, and generally I have always liked school.”
Chlarson’s favorite quote is from A Knight’s Tale, “In what world could you have beaten me? Such a place doesn’t exist.” Like most athletes or competitive people, you need to have a positive attitude but you also have to have the attitude that a team or person is not better than you.