September 24, 2022

Working at USU Eastern is Delgado’s dream job

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This archived article was written by: Morgan Verdi

It took Gypsie Delgado almost a decade to return to her alma mater after she graduated, but she always knew she wanted to move back to Price. Her dream was realized last summer when she accepted employment as an administrative assistant in the counseling center at USU Eastern.
As a student at USU Eastern (College of Eastern Utah), Delgado was the news editor, and editor-in-chief of The Eagle newspaper. She was a SUN Center leader and held positions in ASCEU  (the Associated Students of the College of Eastern Utah) as public relations chair and inner-club counsel vice president where she helped maintain over 50 clubs. After she graduated she attended USU in Logan where she was an ambassador.
I sat down to talk with Delgado to find out more about this woman.
The most rebellious thing Delgado has ever done is moving away from home after high school. “My mom wanted me to stay and go to SLCC (Salt Lake Community College), but I always wanted to leave, and go into college so that’s what I did.”
Delgado rarely holds grudges. “I forgive others very easily. I used to be a correction officer, and in that line of work you can’t hold grudges. I base my opinion of others on that individual not on what they’ve done, or on what others have to say about them.”
The thing Delgado is most proud of in her life is her son, Logan. “Being a mother is amazing, and every day seeing him learn new things is pretty great. I’m so proud of him, and knowing he came from me is something incredible.”
Delgado’s daily motto is, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” She said about it: “I actually just researched it, and it comes from a man that did an AA program. It might sound kind of cheesy, but I love it.”
The tattoo on her wrist has a story. “It means faith, and it has my son’s nickname underneath it. My friend and I got this tattoo when we were in college, as a constant reminder that we would always be friends and have each other.”
The most satisfying thing Delgado does each day is helping students. “Being able to give students a great experience is very important to me, and insuring that they get the help that they need is very satisfying. I love people.”
The most important people in Delgado’s life are her son, Logan, and her fiancé Big Mike. “I love them both so much.”
The biggest sacrifice Delgado ever had to make happened about five years ago. “My mom was really sick, and I was a new mother. She was in the hospital, and these were her final days. I had to make the choice whether to come down here (Price) and go to work, or quit my job. I knew I had to take care of my son, and have the money to do that, so I chose to take care of my son, and let my mother go. She was an amazing woman, and she is in a better place now.”
If Delgado wasn’t working as an administrative assistant she said she would “still be working in law enforcement.”
Delgado left law enforcement and came back to USU Eastern because the 8 to 5 job allows her to spend more time with her family. “I really enjoy law enforcement, and helping people in keeping the community safe is really rewarding, but being with my family is more important.
“Plus this is my dream job. When I graduated from here in 2005, I told Susan Polster I would be back. My intention when I moved here was to work at USU Eastern, but I ended up taking a job at the sheriff’s office, and I loved it, but USU is where I really always wanted to be. If they would have let me stay here forever I would have, but my family started calling me a career college student, so I thought I better move on.” 

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