July 22, 2024

USU Eastern student helping out at motor pool

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This archived article was written by: Brooke Van Wagoner

About 3 p.m. each weekday, the door to USU Eastern’s motor pool may be found propped open due to a new employee from Saudi Arabia, Musab Al-Saleh walking in. The freshman found himself into some trouble with the law following an incident last fall and is changing his life around one package delivery at a time.
After the incident, Al-Saleh sat down for a talk with Dr. Alex Herzog, associate vice chancellor of Price campus operations, and his parents. Herzog focused primarily on finding something good to occupy the student’s time. Al-Saleh knew he needed to figure out what it was he wanted to do and he needed to turn his life around. “I kept thinking about it, and I was like they’re right, at some point I need to change the path I was following.” He was sent to the motor pool to meet with John Zmerzlikar and begin community service.
Zmerzlikar, who is the coordinator/service lead at the motor pool, had a heart to heart with the freshman and offered words of guidance. Zmerzlikar asked him what he would like to do, and Al-Saleh replied, “I have no problem, I could do whatever you want.” He started delivering packages with Zmerzlikar and because of his willingness to help out he quickly built up a good relationship with everyone at the motor pool office and around campus.
About his time spent helping out, Al-Saleh says, “It makes me feel good.” Zmerzlikar chimed in saying, “It makes us feel good.” Al-Saleh chuckled and continued, “When I come to work, I feel like this is my second family here. John [Zmerzlikar], Robyn [Sheriff], and Officer Lynn [Archuleta], they always take care of me.”
The feeling is mutual as Sheriff, director of purchasing at the motor pool, says, “We love having Musab here, anything we’ve asked him to do he does it. He just is so pleasant all the time. He’s never down. We appreciate the fact that he respects us and listens to what we have to say and that’s why we enjoy helping him out as much as we do. We love him.”
Al-Saleh has a bright future at USU Eastern, with a heart as big as his hair, he is sure to do great things for the university. He continues to deliver packages and whatever else the motor pool personnel might need of him. Although his community service is finished, Al-Saleh continues to donate his time. When he is not helping Zmerzlikar or Sheriff, he is working towards a degree in criminal justice.