July 23, 2024

What brings students to USU Eastern?

This archived article was written by: Steven Cloward

What is it that makes students want to come to USU Eastern? It cannot be that it is just the cheapest tuition in the state. There has to be another reason. The Eagle experience is a chance for high school students to come and see what it is like to become an Eagle.
In order to understand what captivates students about USU Eastern, I joined them on their journey through the campus. When current Carbon High School senior, Cindy Mendez, was asked what captures her eye about USU Eastern, she responded: “USU captures my attention because it is a great start to college. It seems like it helps prepare people more, as well as providing higher education.”
When asked what she liked about the school, Mendez replied that she liked the many different elective courses offered. USU Eastern offers many enjoyable courses such as dance, choir, theatre, yoga, service learning credits, visual arts and much more. Golden Eagles know that it’s important to have fun while earning college credit. Even if a student is not an art major it is fun to take an art class or two, simply to learn a new skill. It is important to take time in college to expand the educational horizon by trying something new.
Unlike larger schools, USU Eastern gives students the advantage of being able to get involved in almost any area of study even if that is not their intended major. At Eastern, students have a better opportunity to be cast in a play, sing a solo, present their artwork in a gallery or fill a student leadership position because there is a smaller student body to compete with.
Mendez also noticed that Eastern offers courses that many other schools do not. This is especially true in regards to the many vocational programs offered at Eastern. Cosmetology, welding, auto and diesel mechanics, mining and many other programs are widely recognized for providing exceptional hands on instruction, which prepares a student for the workplace.
Yes, USU Eastern has one of the lowest tuition costs, but there are many other factors that contribute to making USU eastern a great school for students from all walks of life. Young locals straight out of Carbon and Emery high schools, non-traditional students who are returning to school, students who travel from their home town, state, or even country are all able to come to USU Eastern and build a solid educational foundation. Truly anyone can come to USU Eastern and have the experience of a lifetime as they fly with the Eagles.