August 17, 2022

Eastern applications up

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While USU Eastern’s Price campus is up 31 student applications for fall semester over the same time period between March 2013 and 2014, USU Eastern’s Blanding campus is up 419 applications over March 2013 and 2014. That’s an increase of over 450 applicants from exactly one year ago between the two colleges.
An elated Kristian Olsen, director of enrollment services, said, “We have a great team in Price and a great team in Blanding. And those two teams are working more closely together than in years past.
“What this means is more and more students are learning about the wonderful education that is offered at USU Eastern. And those students are making USU Eastern their first choice University.  We are seeing that in the increased number of applications. In fact, we are up 450 applications over this same time last year.  We are excited about the future. We know how great of an institution USU Eastern is, and through the teamwork of Blanding and Price more and more students are learning that too.” 
In March 2012, Blanding had 34 applicants; 2011, 47; 2010, 29; and 2009, 42.
The biggest jump in the Price campus numbers of applications during the same period was between March 2013 and March 2012 where applications were up 649 for the two years. In 2011, 218 applicants were received; 2010, 311; and 2009, 383.

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