July 23, 2024

USU Eastern automotive training held in Blanding

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For the seventh year in a row, students and faculty from USU Eastern’s automotive department spent Feb. 21-22 in Blanding, Utah, teaching 60 San Juan and Grand County students the latest in automotive technology. The first day was primarily workshops and the second day was a hands-on contest. The top three students from each school was given an award at the conclusion of the two-day event.
Stan Martineau, Todd Richardson and Mike Kava, assistant professors at USU Eastern (Kava also teaches at Emery High School), took six students to conduct workshops for the high school automotive students.
Students rotated in 20-minute training sessions that included engine repair, suspension and steering, brake and electrical systems scan-tool diagnostic, air conditioning and data information. During the second day, students competed against each other and the clock to test their skills on what they learned the day before.
Martineau said, “The automotive program as USU Eastern is happy to provide opportunities to those in Southern Utah that they might not have. We encourage students in the area to join us on the San Juan campus.
“We anticipate continuation in the future and appreciate the opportunity to be on the San Juan campus for the activity.”
Jorge Lascano, one of USU Eastern’s international students had this to say about the training, “It was a nice experience. My instructor and other people had told me that the students are really serious and it’s hard to make them smile. First thing I thought was, this is going to be tough.
“Once I got there I thought everything was a lie because they were smiling while socializing with their friends. When I got the chance to instruct them I understood what people had told me was true. That they really are serious people.
“After all, I found out that the more you get to know them, they either smile at you or get more serious towards you. It wasn’t my first time instructing people, but the first time I had to do it for something technical. I really enjoyed it.”