July 14, 2024

Leader on the field and in ESA

This archived article was written by: Rachel Scoggins

Luke Madsen is a sophomore from Preston, Idaho, and serves as student body president for USU Eastern this year. He graduated from Preston High School from a class-size of about 300 and played baseball, football and basketball.
In baseball he was the shortstop, in football he was a safety and a corner and during basketball, he was a point guard and a shooting guard. He served a mission in Micronesia on an island called Kosrae for his church before coming to USU Eastern.
He has two sisters and three brothers and is the youngest of all of them. He has many heroes, but if he had to pick one, it would be his older brother Russell. He loves dogs; he had a lot of them while growing up. His hobbies mainly include sports with his favorite food being spam and rice. A tradition always does with his family is go to Lagoon in Centerville every year. He is also a part of the National Guard for Idaho.
Madsen came to USU Eastern because of baseball and he has come to really love the school, the community and the town. He grew up in a small community like Price and so coming here was not much different than what he was already used to. Next year, Luke and his wife Morganne are planning on attending USU in Logan
Commenting on how baseball was doing, he said, “This year’s baseball season is going very well, and we have a lot of talent and a lot of potential to go very far.” How baseball in college compares to high school ball, “high school is very different because it was a lot slower and not nearly as many talented players.”