July 22, 2024

A great first year for Rhodes

This archived article was written by: Steven Cloward

Community and USU Eastern members of the Eastern Utah Wind Symphony want to give thanks to associate professor of music Rhonda Rhodes for a great year.
Carbon High School student, Aaron Anderson commented, “I would like to thank Rhonda for all of the hard work she has put in for the wind symphony this year. She did an amazing job and helped me become a better musician. Thank you so much.” Another Carbon High student, Jordan Nielson stated, “Thanks for a joyful experience and for giving me some new opportunities.” Many more students also commented on Rhodes’ excellence in teaching.
In addition to students and community members, band director of Carbon High, Mathew Krause says, “Rhonda has been so great to work with and brought a sense of continuity from beginning music into college music. Professor Rhodes has really brought education back into the Eastern Utah Wind Symphony. It’s so nice to be back in a teaching performance ensemble.”
As for students of USU Eastern, all enjoyed the ensemble and grew from the experience by continuing the things they love doing. In addition to playing the material they learned along the way, her knowledge of not only conducting, but also teaching material like basic to advance musician comprehension and vocabulary was said to of made it an outstanding year for the Wind Symphony.
One of the students enrolled in the symphony, Kaden Archibald says, “Professor Rhodes was a fabulous conductor, always trying her best to bring the music out of her students. We learned many musical techniques, from both the classical era and contemporary music. It is a bright future for the USU Eastern music department.” As he sums up, Rhodes is paving a bright path for the future of the USU Eastern Wind Symphony.
Look for more concerts by the USU Eastern Wind Symphony, as there will be more coming in the future. Until then, the community and campus thank Rhodes for all of her hard work in making it a successful year.