July 13, 2024

Amazing staff at USU Eastern

This archived article was written by: Steven Cloward

I would like to thank the Eagle staff, not only for only making me feel welcome, but for opening my mind up to writing about news that affects people’s daily lives. Being able to write about things that people care about and read means a great deal to me. Being at USU Eastern has been a great learning experience for me.
This school has a great learning environment. If I would have jumped right into a large university, I honestly believe I probably wouldn’t have made it as far as I have now. I have made so many friends here.
The staff is also amazing, from the Golden Grille staff who are so nice and welcoming, to all the professors that are the same way. I would like to thank a few of them for not only teaching me curriculum, but how to survive living and surviving the college life.
Coming into college I had no idea how to organize anything. Carrie Icard pretty much taught me what I call the binder rule. All of my papers where scattered from my backpack, all the way to my car and my room. Icard required that everything be in a binder for easier access. Of course I knew how to keep a binder, but I never stuck with it until her class. There where random binder checks. Pretty soon, it just became an impulse to put all my papers in the binder right away.
When it came to confidence in curriculum, that is where I drew the short stick as well. Struggling with core curriculum programs is usually common. Professor Melanie Nielson made me feel like, yes it may be hard, but all you have to do is practice to succeed. From her positive encouraging notes on the board such as, “I am confident in math” to the way she explained why if you don’t practice at something, how would you expect to get any better at it?
USU Eastern has been fantastic. The students, faculty and staff are so great and so helpful. I am glad I got to live the eagle experience here at USU Eastern. Farewell USU Eastern.