July 25, 2024

An interview with Ben Bjarnson

This archived article was written by: Katie Felice

Aside from being an avid SUN Center member and USU Eastern yell-leader, Ben Bjarnson has taken on the role of this year’s student body president and is prepared with big goals to get involved.
Bjarnson moved to Price from his hometown of Midvale, Utah, where he attended Hillcrest High School. He thought of college as a fresh new start and is now going on his fifth year as a USUE student. During his time at USUE he has changed his major at least six times going from psycology, criminal justice and auto mechanics. Because of his passion for helping others and his desire for a job of adversity, he has recently thought about looking into social work.
“Service is the key to everything,” stated Bjarnson. The last four years, he has been an active member of the SUN Center where he was able to do what he enjoys most, helping others. If he could do one thing in his later years it would be to anonymously help anyone in need.
What makes him unique compared to the other presidents in the past, is his dedication to get students involved. “My expectations are to get more people to attend everything,” he said. “Snacks, good people, good music, whatever it takes, we are gearing activities toward college-aged students.”
More than just having goals, he is making his ideas come to life by getting more TVs installed into other buildings such as the Reeves and the WIB which will also display school advertising. The TVs are planned to be installed within the next month.
Another plan he has for the students’ benefit would be to have music playing in the student center to bring a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere. He said, “It’s the student center, it is time for us students to take it back.”
Although being president is a major role, Bjarnson plans to keep his humble attitude. “I don’t really feel like I am superior, in fact I usually don’t bring up the fact that I’m president,” he states. “I just really want to be a friend to everyone and someone they can come to if they have an idea.”
His motto for the school is-“Eagles may soar but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.”